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Portable Handheld Hydrogen + Vitamin Inhaler

Portable Handheld Hydrogen + Vitamin Inhaler
Portable Handheld Hydrogen + Vitamin Inhaler
Portable Handheld Hydrogen + Vitamin Inhaler
Portable Handheld Hydrogen + Vitamin Inhaler
Portable Handheld Hydrogen + Vitamin Inhaler
Portable Handheld Hydrogen + Vitamin Inhaler

Portable Handheld Hydrogen + Vitamin Inhaler
We're excited to announce that we are now a distribution partner with Aqua Bank who have launched the Kencos 4 hydrogen inhaler. This innovative product is one of the first of it's kind in the portable hydrogen inhaler space. The Kencos 4 has a dual function where you can choose to solely inhale hydrogen for the associated wellness benefits or you can insert the vitamin cartridge and reap the benefits of your body inhaling Vitamin A, C, B1, E and Q10, on top of the hydrogen mode. We are highly excited to be able to offer our Inhale Vitamin customers this exceptional product.

The quality of the Kencos 4 is unparalleled, the sleek design makes the device perfect for carrying in your pocket or bag and being able to use it on the go. The innovation that Aqua Bank brings to the market is the ability for the same high level performance to be achieved whilst being in a compact, portable device. KENCOS was developed as a portable hydrogen inhaler that allows you to easily ingest hydrogen anywhere.

+ Dose of Vitamin A, C, B1, E and Q10. Hydrogen inhalation has been proven via clinical studies to be beneficial to health. Aquabank continues to conduct research aimed at the health care industry, providing evidence that hydrogen can be used for not only stress relief, sleep and other associated wellness benefits but also as a preventative measure in the health care industry. Aqua Bank is conducting intervention tests and clinical trials in collaboration with industry, government, and academia to verify the usefulness of hydrogen inhalation for a variety of purposes. Hydrogen inhalation is also effective for efficiently incorporating hydrogen into the body. At Aquabank, we believe that taking a certain amount of hydrogen on a regular basis will help maintain the effects of hydrogen, rather than taking a large amount at once. The KENCOS is a tool for making "hydrogen" more readily available and easier to use wherever, whenever. KENCOS is based on based on electrochemistry, and although it has a small body, it can generate up to 8 mL of hydrogen gas per minute. In addition to having reliable technology and high performance, it was developed with consideration for "design that blends into your lifestyle, " "safety, " "efficient hydrogen inhalation, " and portability. 1 x Kencos 4 Inhaler device and charging cable.

3 x Cartridges of Vitamin A, C, B1, E and Q10. 5 x Electrolyte solution which creates the hydrogen by electrolysis.

There is a set of instructions that comes with the box. First you have to fully charge the device. Then open up one of the electrolyte solutions and fill up the cartridge as directed.

You can use the device with just the hydrogen inhalation function and there will be no vapour so you are capable of using this product anywhere, anytime without drawing attention to yourself by breathing out vapour. On the hand if you would like to add the Vitamin cartridge, you will need to unscrew the black mouth piece and slot in the vitamin cartridge. This is where you will inhale directly from. This mode will create vapour when inhaling. Using for 5 minutes at a time per day.

Some people use the device for 5 intervals of 5minutes per day to reap more of the wellness benefits. Please make sure to allow a 10 minutes rest between each session of using Kencos to let it cool and rest.

Power - Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery. Battery Standard - 3.7 volts 1000 mAh. Charging Power - 5V / 1A - USB.

Charging Terminal - Micro USB. Hydrogen Generation power - 25 watts. Flavor generation - 10 watts. Charge Time - 2 hours. Hydrogen Production Method - Electrolytic.

Hydrogen Generation Amount - 8ml. Range of Humidity Used 5C to 35C. Some of the Scientific Research. Verification of psychological and physiological effects.

In Decmeber 2016, under the supervision of a professor belonging to a national university in Japan, we conducted a'verification of the psychophysiological effects of inhaling hydrogen gas'. As a result, significant results were obtained for each of the items verified, and the. Content can also contribute as evidence for research on hydrogen. We will continue to collaborate with industry and academia to clarify the effects of hydrogen gas suction on the mind (psychologically) and body (physiologically).

We conducted two verifications to measure the degree of relaxation in inhaling hydrogen gas. Significant results were observed in. The value of miosis rate (CR value), which measures contraction of the pupil, before and after hydrogen gas inhalation.

The results showed that the parasympathetic nervous system was dominant. Suggesting a sedative effect (relaxation effect). The fingertip temperature (peripheral skin temperature) before and after hydrogen gas inhalation. From the results, sympathetic nerve activity was suppressed and. Parasympathetic nerves became dominant, suggesting a sedative effect (relaxation effect).

A device that measures the brain stress score was used to measure the values?? Before and after hydrogen gas inhalation, and. The results suggested a stress-reducing effect. Measuring brain activation (cognition, memory).

A device that measures brain activity was used to measure the values?? Before and after inhaling hydrogen gas, and.

The results suggested improvements in short-term memory and left-right cognition. Both are the results of official clinical trial data from the Ethics Committee. Target: Average value of healthy women in their 20s and 30s (n=17) living in Tokyo and its suburbs. This product is not a medical device or intended to treat or cure any illness.

The product is a wellness device. Please consult or practitioner before use. This item is in the category "Health & Beauty\Vitamins & Lifestyle Supplements\Weight Management\Weight Loss Supplements". The seller is "oco-3984" and is located in this country: AU. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  • Brand: Kencos
  • Main Purpose: healthy brain function, sleep, calmness, stress relief, General Wellness, Sports and Fitness Performance
  • Active Ingredients: q10, vitamin c, vitamin b, vitamin a, hydrogen, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), CoQ10, Vitamin E
  • Type: hydrogen
  • Formulation: inhaler

Portable Handheld Hydrogen + Vitamin Inhaler