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Flowcam 1000 Handheld Camera Stabilizer Steadicam with Arm Vest f/ DSLR DV Camera

Flowcam 1000 Handheld Camera Stabilizer Steadicam with Arm Vest f/ DSLR DV Camera
Flowcam 1000 Handheld Camera Stabilizer Steadicam with Arm Vest f/ DSLR DV Camera
Flowcam 1000 Handheld Camera Stabilizer Steadicam with Arm Vest f/ DSLR DV Camera
Flowcam 1000 Handheld Camera Stabilizer Steadicam with Arm Vest f/ DSLR DV Camera
Flowcam 1000 Handheld Camera Stabilizer Steadicam with Arm Vest f/ DSLR DV Camera
Flowcam 1000 Handheld Camera Stabilizer Steadicam with Arm Vest f/ DSLR DV Camera

Flowcam 1000 Handheld Camera Stabilizer Steadicam with Arm Vest f/ DSLR DV Camera

FLOWCAM 1000 STEADYCAM STABILIZATION SYSTEM WITH FLOWCAM ARM & VEST. The FLOWCAM Camera Steadycam System is a highly advanced, professional Body-Mounted Camera Stabilization System. The Flowcam Camera Steadycam Camera System will allow you to walk, run, go up and down stairs, shoot from moving vehicles and travel over uneven terrain without any camera instability or shake. When using the Flowcam 1000 in hand-held mode, it is your arm that carries all of the weight. However, when the Flowcam 1000 are used with the Flowcam Camera Steadycam System it is the Flowcam Steadycam Systems Spring-loaded Support Arms that carry all of the weight.

Because of this, you will now be able to shoot for extended periods of time, whereas before, the stress associated with hand-holding the weight reduced your shooting time. Its ability to shoot smooth imagery within its weight range is extraordinary.

It out performs all of the competition in its class, yet remains truly economical. The FLOWCAM Camera Stabilization System is the realization of the need to stabilize lightweight cameras using the same degree of sophistication employed to stabilize heavy cameras.

With the FLOWCAM Camera Steadycam system you will be able to acquire the type of smooth footage you've always dreamed of. Maintain the level of stability and capture tremendous footages with high level precision and enactment. Unbending feature and all the obligatory features to get the work done at a reasonable price. Smooth camera movement that ranges freely in every dimension is not something you can achieve via dollies.

For truly unfettered, floating camera moves, you need a gimbal-based camera stabilization system. The device is very handy for shooting documentaries, weddings, birthdays, commercials and even for low budget movies.. It enables cameramen to shoot fluid movement image capture, no matter what the situation.

Flowcam 1000 Camera stabilizer Steadycam. FLOWCAM 1000 Steadycam System with Comfort Arm & Vest. Flowcam 1000 Steadycam System with Arm & Vest.

A LOOK AT THE FLOWCAM 1000 HANDHELD CAMERA STABILIZER. CamGear Flowcam Arm & Vest for Handheld Stabilizer. Flowcam Stabilizer and Arm Vest Test Footage.

Adjustable convergence, precision, three-axis Gimbal. Precision Bearings at all vital points. Allows unrestricted Booming and 360 degree Panning. Rubber feet under Base Platform. Telescopic post with gimbaled assembly.

Head Plate - 6" x 4.5" x. 75"Mid plate - 4.5" x 4Bottom plate - 4. "Base Platform 3.5" x 10Weighing capacity: can support cameras weighing upto 1.5Kgs (3.3lbs)10 Counter weight disc2 weight holding cups. Designed for compact, low profile cameras weighing upto 3.3 pounds. Counter Weights averages 1.27 ounces(36 grams)Camera Plate has ΒΌ mounting holes.

Fits most Canon, Sony, Nikon and Panasonic cameras. Base Platform has 1/4 mounting hole for optional LCD Monitor attachment. 40 cm tall in shortest mode. 60 cm tall in longest mode. Central Support Post: 1 diameter. Weight: 1.4 Kgs (3.08 Lbs) without Counter Weight Discs.

Weight with Storage Bag: 2.3 Kgs (5.07 lbs). The Camera Base plate has both 1/4 mounting slots (holes) to hold most camera bases.

The control knobs allow quick, precise adjustment of the top stages back and forth, and side-to-side movement, X and Y axis adjustment for better balancing. These controls allow you to adjust the cameras horizontal balance, which is very crucial for pleasant videos. A unique and proprietary, precision, three-axis Gimbal incorporates several adjustable, axis convergence controls.

This allows all three axes to intersect for proper operational alignment. Angle bracket enables grip to move up and down.

The three-axis gimbal lets the camera handle move freely while the rest of the stabilizer stays upright, thereby eliminating the shake that plagues most handheld camerawork. Handle Grip is attached to a free floating, three axis Gimbal.

This allows your hand to move up and down, and side-to-side, thereby isolating your hand's unwanted motions from the camera. This produces superior stabilization when compared with our competition. Counterweights on the base platform adjust the cameras vertical balance. By varying the amount of Counter Weight Disks on the Base Platform, or by changing the length of the no-tools telescoping Central Post, you adjust the camera's vertical balance.

Flowcam 1000 has two aluminium weight cups having twelve counterweight discs. Hi tensile strength Aluminium construction for lightweight, durable performance you can count on. The Telescopic Post of FLOWCAM 1000 extends from 40 cm to a full rise height of 60 cm to adjust the balance weight of the camera. The design of the FLOWCAM 1000 is tool-free, so you'll be able to set up and achieve balance easily & quickly every time.

With practice you'll be steering your camera through three dimensions naturally and smoothly without a second thought, as if the camera platform were a cloud floating through calm skies. Flowcam arm is a durable. Ultra light, easy to use, and extremely capable. It is made of high quality aluminium.

Flowcam Arm consists of an adjustable shock absorbing spring and bearing mechanism, which helps you to create smooth gliding movements and capture high and low angle shots. Flowcam Arm consists of eight fully sealed bearing which allows it to pivot.

The Arm and Vest Connector can be attached to the Flowcam arm very easily in the slot, without any need of tools. Removing of arm-vest connector is very easy.

The knob allows you to adjust the spring of FLOWCAM ARM, which you can set according to the style of shots. Loosening of the Knob activates the stressness of the spring for low angle shots. FLOWCAM Vest is versatile, light-in-weight, designed to fit the entire gamut of human sizes and it has padded comfort in front, back and shoulder areas. Once it is fitted properly and tightened with the buckles, it should be properly tightened to the body to avoid any extra movement during shooting. To remove the vest, press the locking buckles.

FLOWCAM CHEST PLATE is made of high quality aluminum and is anodized black. CUSTOM HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT FOR BODY VEST. We make it easy to match your height to the vest with the help of a stainless steel pin attached to the vest. As different operators might be of different heights and sizes, the height adjustment feature will make the vest fit your body perfectly.

The spool adapter will fit into the FLOWCAM ARM and the handheld stabilizer handle easily WITHOUT ANY TOOLS. It is suitable for any cameras weighing upto 7 lbs. The FLOWCAM COMFORT ARM & Vests the most versatile, affordable arm/vest stabilizer system on the market. It will support the FLOWCAM, Glide cam and Merlin handheld stabilizers. FLOWCAM can now fly for hours without undue fatigue, and preserve all the flexibility and reach of the operators own arms. Compatible with the vast majority of handheld stabilizers in the market, the FLOWCAM ARM & VEST isnt limited to use with FLOWCAM 1000, and if you havent used your handheld in a while, you need to try to use theFLOWCAM ARM& VEST. Flowcam Camera Steadycam System comes in a foam lined, custom fit, and protective storage case with easy tote handles. Please send us images or visuals of any defects you see in the product. We are always ready to help our customers. Further action (Repair or suitable replacement) will be taken accordingly upon inspection of the item.

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  • Model: Glidecam XR 1000
  • To Fit: Camera
  • MPN: FCM-1000-FAV
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
  • Compatible Brand: Universal
  • Brand: Steadicam
  • Type: Handheld

Flowcam 1000 Handheld Camera Stabilizer Steadicam with Arm Vest f/ DSLR DV Camera