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FCS210 Dual Dynamic Driver & Behringer P2 Belt-Pack Amp In Ear Monitor System

FCS210 Dual Dynamic Driver & Behringer P2 Belt-Pack Amp In Ear Monitor System
FCS210 Dual Dynamic Driver & Behringer P2 Belt-Pack Amp In Ear Monitor System
FCS210 Dual Dynamic Driver & Behringer P2 Belt-Pack Amp In Ear Monitor System
FCS210 Dual Dynamic Driver & Behringer P2 Belt-Pack Amp In Ear Monitor System
FCS210 Dual Dynamic Driver & Behringer P2 Belt-Pack Amp In Ear Monitor System
FCS210 Dual Dynamic Driver & Behringer P2 Belt-Pack Amp In Ear Monitor System
FCS210 Dual Dynamic Driver & Behringer P2 Belt-Pack Amp In Ear Monitor System
FCS210 Dual Dynamic Driver & Behringer P2 Belt-Pack Amp In Ear Monitor System
FCS210 Dual Dynamic Driver & Behringer P2 Belt-Pack Amp In Ear Monitor System
FCS210 Dual Dynamic Driver & Behringer P2 Belt-Pack Amp In Ear Monitor System

FCS210 Dual Dynamic Driver & Behringer P2 Belt-Pack Amp In Ear Monitor System
This package includes The FCS210 In-ear monitors, a case and a generous assortment of tips. Note: this is not wireless. You will need to run an XLR to a signal source. The FCS 2x10 achieves a massive sound stage by combining 2 proprietary dynamic transducers in an array style format. The drivers are time aligned and in phase. Our proprietary voice coil technology moves air which creates bone induction. Youll feel the sound not just hear it. Larger more visceral high-definition audio signature.

My primary business is a regional sound lighting and staging company in Cincinnati Oh. For the last 20 years, as a side passion, Ive been a consultant to many national and regional acts providing in ear monitors and wireless systems. Here are a couple links if youd like more background. I get an average a hundred earphones a year from companies all around the world wanting me to sell their product. I dont see the advantage of stocking another product that sounds the same as another.

Thats why my website presents a limited number of items. A lot of the samples are great but there's one little thing that aggravates me about them. A little bit too much honk in the mid-range, high-end a bit too glassy, low end flappy and not tight, or overbearing, cable feels Mickey Mouse, you get my drift. The original product I was mailed was designed for personal listening.

Obviously, a stage earphone needs to handle a lot more SPL. Our result is totally stage worthy.

Okay, you're waiting to hear why they're so great. The two main dynamic earphone manufacturers Ive partnered with through the years are the Future Sonics, and Aurisonics. The future Sonics G10 and its predecessor the Atrio use a single 10mm Dynamic driver. The Aurisonics Bravo Series and the entire new Fender line also use a single 10mm driver. The FCS 2X10 has a 10mm & an 8.2mm Dynamic. Sound guys; you know what happens to your sound when you double the FOH speakers or line arrays? Yes, you can get more volume but mainly, your sound gets larger and more full. You get more coverage with less gain. The two speakers add a lot of space and size to the sound. Your volume can stay the same but the sound just gets bigger. Every frequency is there and sounds correct. By correct, ever go to hear a band where you thought to yourself, damn that kick drum is bad ass? Or How does that sound guy get the vocals out front like that? All the above comes from the system being tuned and EQ-ed correctly. The 2X10 IS TUNNED CORRECTLY. The shape of the earphone is very close to a custom mold. This helps with isolation and fit. The 2X10 comes with a well-built oversized clam shell case which makes it easier to get the IEM put away and adds storage for tips etc.

With all dynamic drivers, the seal or seating of the earphone in your ear canal is critical to getting 100% of the sound the earphone can produce. Included is a serious collection of tips to be certain of a proper fit. These ears will go straight to the players ears (wont be displayed on a music store shelf).

My thought was to keep that eight dollars in your wallets. Driver Type: Coupled Dynamic Drivers. New to the idea of in-ear monitors?

One of the questions I often receive is. How do I get an in-ear monitor mix? Written by Mike Volkerding/ Freq City Sound.

On most mixing consoles there are auxiliary sends. Your board guy will use one for a reverb, one for a delay, and then hopefully there are a couple open aux sends.

For you to see what's happening look at your input on the board. Follow the channel strip all the way to the top. One of those will be your mix. Let's say that you are the vocal channel. To turn your vocal up in your in-ear monitor mix, you will turn up the related aux send.

Let's say your aux send is number three. As you go across the console you will adjust aux send number three for any signal of which you want more.

Turn up aux number three on the guitar channel. On the back of the console look for the output marked aux three. Aux send three is where you will plug in your in-ear monitor amp such as the Behringer P1. We'll call this in ear monitor setup "Hardwired" because you're going from the jack on the console straight to an amplifier with a wire.

This is the least expensive way of getting in ear mix and works great because there's no wireless issues to concern yourself with. It's good for drummers, keyboard players or say you're in a church setting where you sit in a chair the same place every week. The next step is plugging your earphones into your in-ear monitor amp. You're set to rock. Everything is the same as above except you come out of the Aux #3 jack to your wireless transmitter.

The wireless transmitter sends that same signal to your belt pack (the receiver). Plug your earphones into the belt pack, you're set to rock.

POWERPLAY P1 Personal In-Ear Monitor (IEM) Amplifier. Puts control where it' most useful right at the artist' fingertips. Whether on stage or in the studio, the P1 provides performers and recording artists with a dependable and affordable personal monitoring solution. The P1' high-power headphone output ensures that as the band gets louder, youll still be able to hear every nuance of your performance.

And the P1' simple user interface makes it easy for everyone to dial in a perfect mix every time. Using the P1 also helps protect your hearing in two ways.

First, thanks to a built-in current limiter, unexpected peaks in signal level won't get to your ears. Second, the simple act of wearing headphones or earbuds helps isolate your ears from loud stage volume of instrument amps and monitor wedges. With the P1, you can clearly hear your own performance and blend in the ideal amount of the rest of the band. Dual XLR inputs allow 2-channel, mono or stereo operation with a convenient mix function which allows you to run two sources into the P1 and dial-in exactly what you want to hear as you perform. Two simple controls, Level and Balance, help you achieve the perfect mix in an instant. The P1 lets you take control of what you hear and allows the engineer to concentrate on providing the audience the best listening experience.

Plus, setup is so fast and easy, letting you concentrate on putting on the best performance when you hit the stage. One little 9 V battery lasts up to 12 hours, so the P1 will go as long as your next show or studio recording session! Or, use the optional PSU-SB DC power supply for the ultimate in dependable power. And the P1's metal chassis is built like a tank to handle even your most- demanding and energetic performance.

Small enough to hang on your belt or mount on a mic or drum stand, the P1 puts complete balance and volume control in your hands. What's the difference between an Armature & a Dynamic Driver? Written by an opinionated Mike Volkerding President Freq City Sound & Lighting, Inc.

Many of you know that I've been a proponent of Dynamic drivers over armature drivers for many years. I was introduced to dynamic drivers by Rudy Garcia at Future Sonics. Now keep in mind, what I write here is fact with my opinion added. I'm an old rock'n roll dude who likes band stuff (bass and a drummer kinda acts). If your instrument is the flute I would suggest an armature like the Westone UM20Pro or the Shure SE425.

But if your crowds heads bobs up and down when your band plays, read on. An Armature driver is very small transducer. In our lives it has primarily been used in the hearing aid market.

Recently, they have gained popularity as in-ear monitors. You'll hear them called dual driver, three way, four way etc. Armature ears moves no air so they don't need an air-port like a dynamic.

Mids and highs can be more detailed. However, armatures have always lacked low-end. Manufactures attempt to cure the missing low end by combining several Balanced Armatures together, adding multiple crossovers and tricky chambers.

All of which, arguably doesn't sound as natural as a single dynamic. Also adding all that technology opens us up for phasing and time alignment issues. A dynamic driver actually being a speaker moves air. A dynamic offers a more coherent and powerful sound. You don't just hear the sound - you feel it!

You feel the energy and get bone induction. I'm a singer and own Westone's dual and three-way molds. I later got into the Future Sonics mold with a 13mm dynamic. Of course, the dynamic has more ass but I also noticed, with the armature driver ears, throughout the course of the night, I'd be turning up.

One of the pluses of ears is to save ours. Turning up - not so good. With the dynamic - Feeling the sound - I never turned up all night (better on the ears). The dynamic is a warmer sound whereas my 2 and 3 ways are a bit brittle and glassy on the high end in comparison.

Years back, I switched from Stats and Les Pauls to a Parker Fly. It took me a year to finally realize Why does a guitar have to sound like a Les Paul or a Strat? We get use to that brittle top end of the armatures and that's the deal. Get use to a dynamic and the highs are warm and smooth.

When I put my three-way in my ear at band practice, I have to adjust to its harshness and bite compared to my molded stage dynamic. Who would like an armature? I'd say blue grass bands, female singers that don't want much low end in your mix, symphony musicians that are concentrated on the higher registers, anyone who doesn't really need or like to feel the low end. Audiophile guys that want a flat sound like the recording engineer mixed in the studio should lean to an armature.

Dynamics will present more lows which might not be for you. I just thought of trumpet, sax but I think a dynamic's warmth would be the way to go there. A good dynamic driver costs more than three of the little armatures. It's hard for some to wrap their hands around 1 vs.

3,4,5,6 or whatever the hell they're up to now. To be honest, when I went from 2 way to 3 in the molded armatures, I never heard a difference.

I've heard the same from several other regional touring guys. There's no way I'd hear a difference in a 4, 5 or 6 way! When you're standing in front of a PA system and it's kicking your ass. Can you tell if it's one, two, three, four way?

Nope, you just know it sounds really good. All the national and regional touring acts we do sound for ask for bi-amped wedges.

For the last ten years, I've put full range wedges in front of them. Never has an act said, "is that a 2-way system"? Just received the FCS210's. I've got to say hands down the nicest sounding IEM's I've ever tried.

Everything is tight, in front and crystal clear. Thank you for including an excessive number of tips.

Took me a bit to get a good seal but once I did, Wow! Mike, thanks so much for the advice and for setting me up with the FCS210s. Played my third show with them last night and they are amazing! The fact that you sent a variety of tips to try was awesome. When the set arrived, I sat listening to music with the TV on. I was able to pick the tips that fit the best in my ears, and delivered the broadest frequency response, solid lows and clean crisp highs. Im hearing everyone in our band like never before.

I really appreciate your help, and you sharing your expertise! All the best, Denny / Cincinnati OH. Thank you for the great customer service.

I love the in ears. Just to let you know, I had a video shoot to do and in a moment of haste bought a set of Shure 425s for it.

I like the in ears I got from you so much more. The bass response is lacking with the Shure but I haven't had that problem with the FCS210. Mike, I used the FCS-210 in ear monitors last night playing my electronic drum kit. You were right about the seal. I was completely blown away by the sound.

Are you familiar with the old electronic 808 bass sound? It starts low but drops lower as the sample plays. The FCS210 were giving me full low-end response during the 808 hit.

It sounded like a real subwoofer in my ear. The attack on the snare drum was so clear I had to turn it down in the mix. Then when goofing around with some of the other sounds. The low end was producing frequencies that I have never heard out of my Westone UM20Pro.

Lows werent overwhelming but damned sure there when I asked for it. They may not be totally flat in response, but they sound really damn good. Sound Engineer & Drummer Cincinnati OH. Just wanted to say thanks for a great pair of earphones.

I have been using in-ear monitors for 18 years now and these are without a doubt the best quality and bang for the buck earphones that I have come across. Add to that your incredible service and I must say you have found a loyal customer. When I had a problem with one of the ear pieces, you replaced it without question. Quick enough so I didn't miss a beat on my gig.

Once again, I unabashedly recommend these earphones and your quality service to any and all in need of a good pair of in-ear monitors that won't break the bank. Hi Mike, just thought Id drop you a note on the FCS 2x10s you sent me. Ive spent a week listening to music out on my bike and in my studio.

The 2X10 has prompted me to listen to a lot of music Id forgotten about. Theyre also very comfortable to wear.

Weve been listening to armature drivers for so long that we have forgotten what low end in the music should sound like. You have a great product in the 2x10.

Ive been in touch with a couple of my Monitor buddies and told them about the product and where to get it. You should see their orders soon.

Thanks again for turning me on to the 210. I was so looking forward to trying these baby's out after reading Mike's review. I've got a great pair of Yamaha Headphones that are great but the 2x10 just smoked them with clarity and depth. I play bass in a band and I ran them through my Rolls PM351 IEM Hardwired Amp and all I can say is these "in ears" are Fricken Awesome. John Wilkie, Nelson, New Zealand.

Mike, you were right about the 2X10 helping with our stage volume. I never touched the volume on my bass amp because I could hear it fine with the IEM. Vocals were crystal clear with plenty of presence.

Our guitarist also used the 2X10. His volume was so low on stage that the others were asking for more guitar in their floor monitors... The 2x10 earbuds had the bass and kick drum thumping. Three of us now have the 2x10. This new IEM system sounds much better than anything I have used in the past!

We are much quieter now (on stage and out front). Our harmonies have improved since we can hear the vocals so much better. Hello Mike, just thought Id drop you a quick line re: the 2x10. Ive had them for a few days and had a chance to give them a good listening to. (Theyre a replacement for a pair of Westone UM-2s which I got from you many moons ago). Immediately you can tell the difference from the Westone's. (Im running them out of a Fiio X3 via an iBasso D2-Boa). A much bigger and fuller sound. Theyre smoother and refined but still more detailed and very much more dynamic with a good controlled grunt at the low end. For the price they're an absolute bargain. Thanks for the extra tips too.

Im playing around to get the right fit for me but thats just fine tuning. Many thanks for the recommendation. Jim Frost / Alford UK.

I have been playing the professional circuit since the late 70s. I play a fretless Jazz Bass.

I have always played thru industry standard equipment including PA and wedges on stage. They had great bottom end, but my current playing situation leans towards cutting and crisp vocals.

I took your advice and bought the FCS2X10. The sound is balanced and full across the entire spectrum. That is no small accomplishment. Mike just wanted you to know the IEM's came in and sound great.

There's a little bit of extended bass but it's clear and tight. A lot of separation in the instruments which is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the recommendation and the awesome price. Rivul Band / Gonzales, LA.

The FCS210 IEM's tip is 5 mm. Definitely more bottom with these over my Westone W40's, Etymotic ER4P and the UE TripleFi's. Thanks, Dave / Cary, NC. Mike, Nice clean low-end, but also has the highs that I was missing in the Aurisonics ASGB. Excellent sound and I will highly recommend.

Mark Gray - Drummer / Cincinnati. Thanks Mike, The FC210 in ear monitor buds work great, and the bass is perfect I had to turn the bass player down in my mix. I would recommend the FC210 to anybody looking for a more professional quality sound for their group or band. First Baptist Church of Beverly Hills. The sound stage was better than the Beyer 770s I've been using.

The tips you had on them worked great, never even felt the need to try the others. They stayed in place and were actually quite comfortable. Felt like a live band with cabs and I was right in the middle of it. I could here every instrument and every voice clearly, yet everything merged and meshed into one punchy coherent mix.

I'm a Fractal Audio guy so I do a lot of tone tweaking. The 210s uncovered weaknesses in some of my presets. I'll be adjusting them to sound their best in the 210s and I think the tones will then translate better through our mains. They are just a different beast altogether. Ross Elliott - Granbury, TX.

Hey Mike, I love the way the 2X10 sound and how they sit in the ear. The sound is full and rich. The low end is king and the highs are just where I like them to be. Isolation is great-as a drummer that's a must.

Cant wait to use them on stage. Sorry this has taken a while, but you were right that you need to get those headphones setup properly before you get the full benefit of the sound. So, I have a set of Westone 3 way in-ear (they're one of the original sets I got from you), the Aurisonics Kicker Gunmetal Gray, and my studio headphones are Sennheiser HD600s. Sadly I no longer have the Westone 4Rs. The FCS 2X10 Dynamic IEM in-ear monitors have as good or better sound as other devices two to three times their price.

The two drivers make them'live' and they present move volume / sonic pressure than equivalent in-ear monitors that I've listened to. The term'massive' is a good description if you push the volume. I'm playing 96k/24bit recordings (both native and up converted from 44.1k/16bit & 24bit). After I got them dialed in, I can listen to them for hours without strain.

They've become my main listening in-ears over the last couple of months. Thanks for letting me know about these IEMs. Given that the FCS 2X10 Dynamic IEMs are the only change I've made recently in my audio setup, I'm going to give them the credit for this happy experience.

I wanted to drop you a line and extend a huge "THANK-YOU" for the new FCS 2x10s. Because of your superb service with my previous in-ear system including the Future Sonics Atrio.

I knew that I had to contact you again for my in-ear requirements. The 2x10's provide a very fat full sound! A few months ago, our bass player was complaining about his in ears and I suggested that he call up Mike! Needless to say, you have two very satisfied customers in our band who love the FCS 2x10's. The Whiskey Boyz / Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Whiskey Boyz Band.

Hello Mike got my FCS210 in ears today. They sound great, better than my Westone dual driver molds!!! Thanks for the info and such a great product!!

Jeff Offutt Bass / Don Ray Band. Received my fcs 210's yesterday. They sound incredible, and I was able to use them at rehearsal last night. I believe it was the first time I could really hear my bass and it actually sounded like a bass. I usually end up pulling one of my iem's out at some point. No need to do that with these. Great isolation for me as well. I stumbled across your ineargear page and decided to try the ears you have listed.

The FCS 2x10 model had a great price point and seemed like a good solution for my listening. Received the FCS 2x10s the next day and tried them out. Here are some of my observations. FIT: These fit my ears better than any other in-ear speakers I have ever tried.

Normally I can't keep in ear types in my ear without something holding them in. These fit comfortably right away. Big plus to me on this first item. SOUND: The sound is considerably cleaner than the pair I was using.

Highs were sharp and understandable while the lows gave a good solid foundation. I don't typically listen to bass heavy music, but I like a good solid foundation. Some brands are way too bass heavy. These let you feel the bass without getting muddy. TIPS: Mike isn't kidding when he says he includes a generous selection.

I experimented and found the tips that gave the best sound for me. I actually use two different types; one set for general listening so I can hear some of the ambient noise another with foam tips (not included) for total outside block for times I'm using power equipment, so I can listen without damaging volume.

Shows more thought into what the end users need. I provide equipment for a church worship band and have tried out several in-ear sets. These are equal to or better than some that cost more than twice as much. Sound quality blows the single driver sets out of the water and is as good as or better than any of the two driver sets I've tried. As a sound tech I like to find the cleanest sound I can get for my team.

The move from wedges to in ear system has lowered our overall volume by at least 30% and its still very clear and comfortable to hear everything. Hello Mike, I tried your in-ears for a gig and I'm very happy with them. I was really in the music, with lots of low end, the sound was crisp and precise, I really had the feeling I was playing along a cd. A friend of mine, a drummer like me, he tried them and was convinced too, that's why I'm ordering another pair now.

I was able to use the FCS210s at rehearsal yesterday and I was blown away by how clear the sound was and how well they blocked outside sounds. We practice in a small room with a 5-piece band and for the first time I could hear everyone perfectly. The in-ears were exactly what I had hoped they would be and probably even better than I thought possible. I just wanted to tell you how much I love the FCS-210s. I have been an owner and regular user of Future Sonics for over 10 years (Atrios and G10 with custom molds).

In my opinion they were one of the best values in an IEM with sound equal to much more expensive units. However, after receiving the FCS 210s for everyday use, I was blown away by the big full sound. After a/b testing, the FCS will become my stage units. The sound is amazing, and they stay in place extremely well.

I recommend these highly for anyone looking for a great sounding IEM at an incredible price. Hello Mike, The FCS 2X10 EARPHONEs worked out brilliantly Love them. Yours Truly, Marc / Delinquent Records / North Vancouver BC. Ive got to say, for the price these buds rock.

Needing to hear the vocals live on stage has always been tricky with a wedge. Usually to loud and/or bright. I put these on for my drum mix and love the deep feel it you get with them.

There can be only one word to describe your service: OUTSTANDING! Thanks for going the extra mile & under-declaring it. That propa made sure it got to me hassle-free. Now I know where the next audio kit's coming from.

Plan to give you a lot more! The IEM's sound incredible. I finally got to use the new 210 earbuds last night at practice and I must say that they sounded fantastic.

I used the tips they came with it but I had to keep reseating them often, so I changed them out with the future sonics style Christmas tree tips and tried that when I got home last night and they seem to stay pretty firmly seated. I remember that feeling from back when I had my Atrios, and its uncomfortable at first because theyre so deep, but then you get used to it. I also played a lot of my favorite tunes through the 210s and the bass was definitely there and the highs were not ice pack quality they seemed to be more rounded. Cant wait to use them again at the next band practice with these new tips and see how they stay seated.

I have never used any really expensive high dollar earbuds before Mike, but I loved the Future Sonics Atrios and these are right up there with them if not better. If I ever decide again by some freak of nature to quit playing live music I will definitely keep these 210s as my personal headphones at home as they sound really fantastic. Thanks again for doing the legwork on the product testing Mike and for all offering quality products at a good price.

Gary B / Daphne Alabama. Hi Mike, received these about 10 days ago. You are so correct about finding the right sized tips. I had these out on a few rehearsals and now 2 gigs with the stock tips, and they worked ok. After changing to the correct sized ends, it made all the difference. Having to fiddle with the tiny rubber tips isn't super easy, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. Once I got them fitting perfectly, the performance really becomes apparent. These do perform as well as other units that cost a lot more, imo. The item "FCS210 Dual Dynamic Driver & Behringer P2 Belt-Pack Amp In Ear Monitor System" is in sale since Friday, June 23, 2017.

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  • MPN: FCS210
  • Audio Inputs: 3.5mm Jack
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Model: 210
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Brand: Freq City Sound
  • Color: Red
  • Type: In Ear Monitor

FCS210 Dual Dynamic Driver & Behringer P2 Belt-Pack Amp In Ear Monitor System