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Handheld Infrared Vein Finder Locator Transilluminator Vein Viewer

Handheld Infrared Vein Finder Locator Transilluminator Vein Viewer

Handheld Infrared Vein Finder Locator Transilluminator Vein Viewer

Handheld Infrared Vein Finder Locator Transilluminat. Color Selection Vein Viewer, A Medical System That Projects an Image of Veins on Skin to Help Clinicians Insert an IV. Vein finder, 1 pc power adapter/charger and user manual. It is the vein illumination device that provides Pre-, During-, and Post-access benefits throughout the entire vascular access procedure, allowing confirmation of the refill of vessels, detection of hematomas and potential avoidance of infiltrations, and has been shown through clinical studies to increase both first stick success and patient satisfaction up to 100 percent. It can be used widely in hospital, pediatric clinic, emergency room, outpatient clinic/center.

Clinical laboratory, blood bank/center, military medics unit, the CDC, rehabilitation center. Vein Finder System has become arevolutionary tool for positioning vein accurately in the medicine program, whichis Light and compact, portable, easy to learn and use, Safe cold illuminant, noradiation harm, eye-friendly, colorful imaging on surface of skin, Non-touchimaging and display system to eliminate the possibility of cross infection, Dualpower system, duration longer than 10h. When the instrument is placed on theskin above, will the vein display on the skin, just like painted on it. Thatwill assist medical personnel for precise location of the vein efficiently. Safe: Use safe light source, no laser, no radiation.

Rechargeable battery : The twin-battery design, one for the hand unit and one for the base, provides. Advanced patent technology is our guaranteeto high quality vascular imaging, even if in the situation of high attenuationof imaging signal. And by a large number of clinical trials, we screen out theoptimal imaging scheme to make blood-vessel display be clear at a glance. Accurate 3D in situ positioningtechnology ensures the high quality of the vascular imaging in situ, and skinand subcutaneous veins are accurate.

Products are in the world leading position in the accuracy of imagin. Unique patented technology, adoptingsafe cold illuminant to protect eyes of the users and patients, withoutside-effect like dizzy, giddy or tears. According to the requirements of theusers in variable circumstances, we prepare variable holder systems to thedevice to match different circumstances hospitals, clinics etc. Dual battery system can support thesystem to work as long as 10 hours.

No limitation to illumination conditioncan effectively show the vein in dark or bright conditions; can work bothindoor and outdoor, such as in-patient department, outpatient services, ambulances, field hospitals etc. Small, light, flexible and convenient. One-Button operation, easy to learn, no need for complicated debugging andcomplicated maintenance.

These color combinations ensure it works on all skin colors. You can easily adjust the brightness of Vein Finder to get a highly accurate picture of a patients veins even when vascular positioning is difficult.

Vein Finders uses what is called cold light, which means the light can be viewed with the unprotected eye. It does not cause eye fatigue. Simply touch our control button to turn the device on and off. It is small and lightweight so that it is easy to use and carry. The whole machine only weighs 280g.

Vein Finder is equipped with a 30cm antenna that makes is easy to find the ideal distance from illuminator to skin surface for the most accurate picture. The device also provides views of blood vessels to a subcutaneous depth of 10mm. The item "Handheld Infrared Vein Finder Locator Transilluminator Vein Viewer" is in sale since Tuesday, May 17, 2016.

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Handheld Infrared Vein Finder Locator Transilluminator Vein Viewer