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County Comm GP-5/SSB Gen3 Handheld AM FM SW Radio MW DXers Deluxe Package

County Comm GP-5/SSB Gen3 Handheld AM FM SW Radio MW DXers Deluxe Package
County Comm GP-5/SSB Gen3 Handheld AM FM SW Radio MW DXers Deluxe Package
County Comm GP-5/SSB Gen3 Handheld AM FM SW Radio MW DXers Deluxe Package
County Comm GP-5/SSB Gen3 Handheld AM FM SW Radio MW DXers Deluxe Package
County Comm GP-5/SSB Gen3 Handheld AM FM SW Radio MW DXers Deluxe Package
County Comm GP-5/SSB Gen3 Handheld AM FM SW Radio MW DXers Deluxe Package
County Comm GP-5/SSB Gen3 Handheld AM FM SW Radio MW DXers Deluxe Package
County Comm GP-5/SSB Gen3 Handheld AM FM SW Radio MW DXers Deluxe Package
County Comm GP-5/SSB Gen3 Handheld AM FM SW Radio MW DXers Deluxe Package
County Comm GP-5/SSB Gen3 Handheld AM FM SW Radio MW DXers Deluxe Package
County Comm GP-5/SSB Gen3 Handheld AM FM SW Radio MW DXers Deluxe Package

County Comm GP-5/SSB Gen3 Handheld AM FM SW Radio MW DXers Deluxe Package

This sale is for the County Comm GP-5/SSB Gen3 radio and its regular accessories. Please note that both the antenna and the metal stand are not a County Comm product and are supplied by aftermarket manufacturers. The metal stand is also being offered in this Deluxe Package as it helps to stabilize the radio during use with rotation of the ferrite antenna.

Here are the details of this high performance ferrite antenna. Frequency coverage 150 KHz - 1710 KHz. High gain / high sensitivity. +20 - +30 dB over telescopic antenna on the radio.

+10 - +25 dB over small ferrite antenna also supplied with the radio. This radio DX Package is not for everyone. If you live in an apartment, you may be affected by your neighbor's RF noise from lighting and appliances which are outside of your control. The alternative would be to take the radio and super ferrite antenna outside while you walk the dog or to a park for relaxing and listening. In testing the antenna, we have found it to make a very noticeable difference over the supplied County Comm ferrite antenna. Stations that we did receive with the shorter supplied ferrite that were of poor quality, improved substantially so that we could hear those stations amazingly clearer and with much more pleasure. This antenna was supplied to us from a gent who designed, tested, and built it from his technical experiences and his hobby needs. You can see it in operation on Youtube here and watch the signal increase on the top right of the LCD display. Since this is a new unit, cosmetics are factory fresh and the unit is in perfect operating condition and guaranteed to perform flawlessly in accordance with its design.

Before purchasing this package, we ask you to read the following. PLEASE NOTE - The folks at County Comm have informed us that the radio is not designed to accommodate this larger heavier ferrite antenna. You may wonder why we are making such a fuss about this small handheld radio. This is a legitimate question and one that demands a little time to explain.

You see, it is amazing how far technology has advanced in electronics the past 20, 10, or even 5 years. Flat screen TV sets in the home are relatively recent and this revolution has occurred most during the past 5 years. Forget the fancy packaging with the splashy pictures. You will receive a plain brown box devoid of any hint of the contents.

But open the box, you will be greeted with the radio and belt clip, vinyl carry case, stereo earbud earphones, 15' shortwave wire antenna, medium wave ferrite antenna, and operation manual. The user will need to supply 3 AA batteries or, if desired, rechargeable batteries to connect to a USB/mini cable and charge the batteries internally. County Comm produced this radio in quantity for contract use and it was not meant to be supplied for sale in retail stores. Below is a video made by a gent who unboxed his GP-5/SSB. And here is a lengthy review.

The GP-5/SSB was acquired by us for our personal use a couple of months ago. Within 24 hours during it's use and discovery of it's features, our heads were spinning with advancements in radio technology that are demonstrated in the GP-5/SSB's design. We are avid shortwave radio enthusiasts and have owned a wide range of radios during the span of our hobby interest over the past 40 years and so we were actually startled at this radio's performance. In the 80's digital signal processing was introduced into the market via military receivers capable of cleaning up signals that traditional analog receivers could not match. At first the differences were modest and virtually undetectable.

But over time, DSP circuitry took hold and enabled so many more features to be added to improve reception signal/tonal clarity at a fraction of the cost. Actual sensitivity has not really changed a lot during the past 20 years in radios for the most part, but the smaller radios now challenge some powerful desktop receivers and the performance to clean up the signal and reduce interference is vastly superior to portable radios from 20 years ago. But that is not all that has improved...

The GP-5/SSB is actually an improvement to it's cousin the PL 360 by Tec sun which does not have sideband capabilities. It takes a very good unit and makes it a step better by enabling someone to tune and hear amateur radio operators in LSB and USB, sideband transmissions from shortwave broadcasters, maritime traffic, airline weather and in-flight information, or military communications.

County Comm contacted Edison Fong PHD to elicit his assistance with improvements and the result was the SiLabs Si4734 DSP chipset. The GP-5/SSB makes important use of the SiLabs Si4734 DSP chip to pack a variety of features and reception of both LSB and USB that can be achieved with 10 Hz BFO tuning resolution that is virtually unheard of in a handheld unit and not even possible in some desktop receivers. Such tuning resolution enables clear sideband reception with minimal distortion. Virtually all shortwave radios enable the user to tune using a standard dial or by scrolling through stored memories.

This radio is no different and it provides a capacity of 550 standard memories if the owner is so inclined. However, one of the things that we also found attractive for this unit is that you can activate ETM (easy tune mode) whereby you press a button and the radio will tune medium wave, shortwave or FM and then store the frequencies into a usable memory that does not affect the standard memories. If you activate this function, the radio will scan the receiving range.

At the conclusion of scanning, you can scroll through the stored frequencies by using the thumb wheel tuning knob. The advantage of this on shortwave is remarkable. With this method, you can tune from 2300 to 29900 KHz and can do so within 4 minutes to determine what can be heard at that time at your location. By using the ETM, we will often locate stations outside the regular shortwave bands such as the "spy numbers" stations or those broadcasters operating in more unusual frequency locations. We have discovered that we can shorten the scan time and cease scanning once the radio hits around 18000 KHz since little is ever heard above that range on shortwave. When listening on shortwave, the ETM is a great feature since you can use ETM to locate stations as the listening frequencies change throughout the course of a day. Interestingly, we have even used the GP-5/SSB as a locator for our serious desktop unit.

Our desktop receiver cannot scan such as this and so we can locate stations and programs that we would have missed if relying solely on bandscan tuning which can be very time consuming. This is not to suggest that there is no longer a need to bandscan, but merely to advise that if you just want to program listen and do not intend to DX, then the GP-5/SSB can act as a locator and point you in a direction to tune your desktop receiver. When you use ETM on any listening band, it is helpful. But on shortwave, it is a remarkable tool. That said, you may scan and find that during the daytime you will only find 12, 15, or 18 stations that can be received strong enough to enjoy and to be picked up by ETM scanning.

However, County Comm includes a bonus in the packing box of a shortwave wire antenna. One end of the antenna clips onto the radio's telescopic antenna and the other end clips onto a window curtain, a tree branch or the awning of an RV. In doing so, you can expect not only improved reception of the signals, but also many extra signals that the telescopic whip antenna would not "hear".

A difficult time to hear many shortwave stations here on the east coast of North America. When connecting the wire antenna, the number jumped to about 45 stations!

Unlike most portable or handheld shortwave radios, the GP-5/SSB can work well with the wire antenna attached without overloading the RF circuitry. The radio was designed to detect incoming signal strength and to utilize the extra signal to boost reception.

However, should the signal be too strong, the circuit will actually attenuate the signal to prevent the radio from overloading. This auto-attenuate feature is uncommon and allows the radio to realize the best reception with much less risk of too strong a signal overwhelming the RF in the radio. Since this GP-5/SSB also receives longwave, medium wave, and FM and do so in such a small package, you can imagine the advantages of having this in your prepper bug-out bag. Additionally, the radio can operate for 225 hours on a set of 3 alkaline batteries. If you invest in AA lithium batteries, they will have a storage capability of 15 years, last for about 1000 hours of operation, and be ready any time you need to call upon the radio for pleasure or for emergency needs.

In fact, some people who prepare for emergencies may well find that for the cost, they would like to invest in one radio for their bug-out bag and another to keep in the car glove box. You would be surprised at the uses for the radio at your disposal when in the glove box.... Sporting events, a leisurely walk during lunch while at work, that drive to the mountains for shortwave enjoyment away from all the RF noise, etc.

Here are some reasons why this radio is a good choice for emergency prepping. Small size for easy stowing and carrying. Operates 225 hours on 3 AA alkaline batteries or 1,000 hours on AA lithium batteries (at 40% volume). Can use rechargeable batteries so that you may use a USB mini input to charge from a variety of sources.... Including a small solar panel during power outages.

Longwave 150-522 KHz (available in 9 KHz tuning step only). FM 87-108 MHz or 76-108 MHz. Comes with earbuds earphones for discrete listening, if required. Very sensitive for it's size.

DSP chip enables good audio/tonal qualities so audio is not "muddy". It should be noted that reception on all the bands of the GP-5/DSP is remarkably good. On medium wave, County Comm has gone to the extra measure of providing an external ferrite antenna to replace the smaller, less sensitive, ferrite antenna. You collapse the whip antenna and then can insert and rotate the rod antenna for best reception on any frequency. While you could rotate your body or your hand to improve reception, this is not often convenient.

By rotating the ferrite antenna, you can listen to your favorite station in comfort without the need to tweak your body or hand for best reception. Another interesting feature of the GP-5/SSB is the addition of a thermometer in the display. You have your choice of what is shown in the upper right corner of the display.... Clock time, alarm time, signal strength, or temperature. By choosing temperature, you will be provided with ambient temperature in either Fahrenheit or centigrade. If you want to go to sleep listening to the radio, you can activate the sleep feature so that the radio does not remain powered on for hours after you fall asleep. And if you want to awaken afterwards, you can activate the radio alarm to power on to your favorite station at the appropriate time. The small size of this radio, along with the various features, suggest that it is a great travel unit. Here are some video reviews for the GP-5/SSB radio.

The first one is a countdown of the "top 5 features". They may not be my personal top 5 features, but you can get a brief view of this man's top 5 and they are noteworthy.

This video offers a nice mini-review of the GP-5/SSB and gives the best overview of the radio. This video demonstrates some programming and memory storage of the radio.

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  • Frequency Band(s): HF
  • Model: GP-5/SSB
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Type: Portable/Handheld
  • Supported Modes: AM
  • MPN: GP-5/SSB
  • Brand: County Comm
  • Band: AM

County Comm GP-5/SSB Gen3 Handheld AM FM SW Radio MW DXers Deluxe Package